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8/2/2010 - 1/30/2011 
Beautiful Handmade Rag and Bone sketchbook

3/15/2010 - 7/24/2010

Beautiful Handmade Rag and Bone sketchbook

May 14 2010 - June 15 2010 
I Bought this sketchbook in Venice, Italy and completed it in Florence, Italy during my summer trip overseas
4/14/2009 - Circa 12/2009 
This big old boy was my first ever start to finish sketchbook.  It measures a healthy 11x14.  I carried it with me everywhere, though it barely fit in my bag
Some Images from my time at Watts Atelier*
*some drawings here have been altered by instructorswatts.html
Bits and Pieces is a collection of odds and ends drawings from various classes, figure modeling sessions, adventures etc.  Enjoy.big_black_sketch.html
Spring 2011- present 
A selection of works from my time at the Lyme Academy in Lyme CT lyme_academy.html
1/2011 - Present
Another beauty made by Eleanor Sabin at Rag and Bonesketch_1_2011.html